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by Redeemer1 House
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The artist is the pastor of a church; REDEEMER “1” HOUSE OF WORSHIP. You can watch more videos through his REDEEMER “1” HOUSE youtube channel.

Redeemer1 House’s poetic and joyous new single, “GOD’S GOT IT….JUST SO YOU KNOW,” is introduced by catchy and haunting strings before diving into its Gospel/Hip hop gospel-infused warmth and artistic appeal.

This season, Redeemer1 House returns with a quiet, acoustic and poetic gospel song that brilliantly captures both his dedication to performance and the joyous natural ability of his voice. The single begins with that well-known, expressive voice – the short bars for the verse, the rise and fall quickly drawing you in – and then moves into the moving acoustic sound in a subtly addictive way.

“GOD’S GOT IT….JUST SO YOU KNOW” is a brilliantly moving, steady and catchy run, combining the singer’s songwriting with god’s trust. Naturally recognizable, Redeemer1 House’s voice soothes the pain as it rises and falls on this melody. He strongly believes in God and he gives a deep and important message to us, which resonates brilliantly.

“GOD’S GOT IT….JUST SO YOU KNOW”, one of Redeemer1 House’s most catchy singles to date, produces the traditional strength of gospel music with a recognizable edge of a natural yet contemporary sound that appeals to a wide audience.

The song has a gift-like vibe, written for the listener rather than simply boosting the artist’s reputation. The background music is simple, and the singer’s voice has an accessible quality. Redeemer1 House’s voice has personality, but it’s humble, genuine, accepting and simple to play. It effortlessly encourages audience engagement.

The aspirations and desires in lyrics are amplified by the naturally positive energy of the setting and performance. Thus, the finished product performs its spell effortlessly. Hopefully, there will be more Redeemer1 House music in the future.

Artist: Redeemer1 House

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