Music Spotlyt


by Duvee Davis

‘Good2BeMe’ by “Duvee Davis” is a beautifully colorful release that offers a smooth, creatively detailed soundscape, with a compelling new melody and subsequent rapping that further adds to the evolution and unpredictability of the entire song.

The riffs on this track are really fantastic, the rhythm isn’t the only driving force behind the energy of the music – the melody has a certain pattern to it that gives it an equally addictive and uplifting quality. In addition to all this, you will get a real showman who will perform music for you. Anything looks better when the artist demonstrates it, clearly loving the process – it’s a great thing to experience.

Leaving the live show aside, the song is incredibly well recorded for your listening pleasure. The hip-hop vibe is lively, but Duvee Davis’ lead vocals go along with it all in a hip-hop-meets-rap kind of way, and this really brings out some different musical angles resulting in undeniable truth, only for this artist’s voice. The more you listen to his music, the more familiar and personable his voice becomes. As stated, this latest release is a huge, standout moment – this music video was shot in a barber shop in Seoul, South Korea. In this song, he explains his carefree lifestyle with a positive vibe. brilliantly captured and superbly produced to give you the full, authentic impact.

“Good2BeMe” keeps the vibe high and bright, the joyful mood of this one is infectious and immediately pulls you in to be a part of the action. There’s a touch of the joyful and reflective here, the melody, the delivery, the lyrics – there’s a delicacy behind the pace that connects on a very genuine level. Really well placed as the second song on the project, an early indication of the depth and passion of the artist.

There is a lot of creativity, passion, and professionalism here. This artist is definitely worth checking out.

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