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by Joe Amir

HEAVEN by Bryan Adams which was released on April 9th 1985 is a cult itself.Written by the duo Bryan Adams and Jim Vallance , Heaven is still loved in the hearts of hearts nearly over three decades. The personnel who were involved in creating the masterpiece were Bryan Admas – the vocals/piano and tambourine, Keith Scott – electric guitar , Rob Sabino – synthesizer ,Dave Taylor – bass and last but not least Steve Smith – drums. And not to forget each one of them are legends on their own.

The song “ Heaven” has seen multiple covers over the years. One notable cover was by DJ Sammy which was released on 6 th August 2002 is a mixture of eurodance,techno and trance. The latest is a Rock guitar cover version by Joe Amir which is a cover version of Heaven by DJ Sammy – Bryan Adams. You could see a passionate Amir playing the guitar full of vigor. An electric guitar maestro. Those were my keen observations and if you would want to know how skillful he is, just go and check his cover on youtube. You will be marveled.

A native from Los Angeles , California Joe Amir has been playing instrumental rock electric guitar solo covers for classic and popular songs,guitar shreds and guitar slow melodic-emotional solos. Hence, proves he has built mettle over the years. His previous cover versions on youtube will provide substantial evidence , if you had an iota of doubt.

If you are a guitar lover, Joe Amir’s rock guitar version of “Heaven” is a must listen.

Joes Guitar
Artist: Joe Amir

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