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I Can’t Stop You

by J Marc Bailey
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J Marc Bailey tends to stand out from what’s considered trending these days. His latest track, I Can’t Stop You is definitely a track everyone can feel and relate to. J Marc Bailey mixes his sharp sensible lyrics alongside the melodies to create the perfect track to vibe. J Marc Bailey was born in Nashville, TN.Country Music January 2021 – J. Marc Bailey recently announced the release of an outstanding new single: “I Can’t Stop You.” This particular song was actually released in March 2020. However, the world has come to a grinding halt, as we all know. The COVID-19 didn’t make life easy for people in general, and it was certainly a major downer for musicians and artists, many of which have been unable to perform or get their music out there. However, J. Marc managed to stay active and eventually decided to release this song this year, being the last single behind “Once A Cowboy,” which is also available on the vast majority of digital streaming platforms, to great critical and public acclaim. “Once A Cowboy” has now passed 150k streams across all the channels in less than 4 weeks! The song begins with a mellow introduction. The acoustic guitar has a bright, heavenly sound, which lets you feel the strumming attack of the pick, but without giving the part any harshness whatsoever. The sound is so balanced and direct, with a robust low end, but at the same time, a lot of string attack. This is really the kind of acoustic guitar sound that you want from a country-rock album! At the same time, the beautiful lead melody features a creamy overdriven sound, with some nice bends that almost remind the audience of a lap steel guitar, but with a bluesier touch. In addition to that, the drumbeat is steady, serving as the backbone to the song, and giving the track a more natural and powerful feel, with a bit of a pop-rock twist. J. Marc is a talented vocalist who knows how to express himself to the fullest. His songwriting is akin to musical storytelling, and his style makes me think of artists as diverse as Keith Urban, as well as Slaid Cleaves, Brad Paisley, and other modern country songwriters. This song could almost be defined as a “power ballad.” It has some truly amazing bridges that take the vibe to a more intimate place, but the choruses are really huge, almost aiming for that stadium-sized vibe that you would expect from an arena rock band. The electric guitar, in particular, brings a lot of size to the hooks, with big suspended chords, matching the drums as they become more intense, with some nice cymbal washes and flourishes.As always, let the music speak for itself! Do find out more about J. Marc Bailey, and do not miss out on “I Can’t Stop You” and other excellent releases from this talented recording artist.

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