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I Only Wanna Dance

by William Delray Floyd
I Only Wanna Dance

William Delray Floyd is a creative songwriter and recording artist who loves the blues. But he likes country, jazz, folk, reggae, rock and maybe he just throws a little bit of classic into the mix. He loves to introduce unexpected instruments for his creations.

William began to learn the guitar because he loved it and began to write. He thought that he couldn’t be spread without writing his own songs. He proudly presents nine albums with over 100 songs and a few other songs. He is an expert in this field of music.William sang in duet with his beloved wife and his daughter Andrea. In addition, he proudly recorded his first CD, “Stand Your Ground.” He will be available to work with talented musicians who want some great songs to record and take to their audiences.

‘I Only Wanna Dance’ is a nice song from Red States, Blue States. The Instrumental sound of his song is beautiful. It can fascinate our mind. He always tries to do unique things in all of his songs. And the beat is fabulous. And also the lyrics are simply creative and meaningful. He tries to tell a story through his songs. He didn’t add too many things to his creation. He wants to make various songs. His songs give the audience a talented veteran artist. Many of his fans love his creations and appreciate his unique abilities. William sings this song very freely and lightly. That’s why it’s so easy for us to enjoy it.

He hones his playing instruments and also shows his talent in singing. It is amazing that he has come up with creative ideas for his songs. And a lot of people follow him and listen to his latest music track. On the other hand he is a good person who helps others. He creates a brand one day through his designs. He will be able to record some great songs and work with talented musicians who want to take them to their audience.

I Only Wanna Dance
Artist: William Delray Floyd

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