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It will be fine

by Brix Schaumburg

Brix Schaumburg, age 30, is a well known actor, singer, entrepreneur and activist who was born and raised in Germany. As a trans man in Germany he has made it his mission to remain visible and to help uplift his community. In this article we explore the life of Brix Schaumburg and see why we need more men like this in this world.

Let’s here to Brix’s voice !!!

“Always believe in yourself. Never give up. Everything is not always easy. Try to grab someone’s hand who will keep you above water. Put your trust in the right people and keep going. At some point you will look into the mirror and be proud and say you love yourself. You are never alone. Even if you need to write or call someone. If you have no one please contact me because I’m here.”

Artist: Brix Schaumburg

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