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It’s My Life

by Joe Amir
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Joe Amir, a long-time favourite who consistently elevates the artistry in the realm of humble yet effective instrumentals, paves the way for once again discreetly transitioning rock genre with the serene, powerful and relaxing world famous song “It’s My Life.”

Joe Amir Is a Rock guitar player with over 30 years of experience. He makes instrumental rock electric guitar solo covers for classic and popular songs, Guitar shreds, and guitar slow melodic emotional solos. He is playing on many stages with original music bands and Cover / Tribute bands. He is recording with many artists, Teaching guitar. Joe Amir is an #1 award-winning Guitar Player (1994) In the state of Israel where he is originally from. He has been living in Los Angeles California Since 1998.

“It’s My Life” is a Guitar Solo Cover by Joe Amir and it was originally by Bon Jovi. Joe Amir is always an artist to mention when releasing solo guitar covers. He plays from the heart, combining subtle production intricacies and spontaneous musicianship throughout intentional, engaging soundscapes, moments and stories.

It’s My Life is an energetic, uplifting metal song with a powerful message about following your dreams and never giving up. The song is for anyone who works hard to achieve their goals. The song is full of hooks and catchy melodies, making it an instant metal classic. “It’s My Life” song is a world-famous song and billion of people are addicted to listening to this song.

I hope joe amir’s “It’s My Life” this guitar solo cover will be a hit soon. Boldly raucous, melodically catchy, and even more powerful as an escape beat when played loud – renowned rock guitarist Joe Amir’s flawless sound design really enables the song’s natural qualities to shine brightly in any context. His attention to detail and precise balance of precision and passion results in a naturally engaging first listen that will no doubt send many listeners searching for live events.

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Artist: Joe Amir

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