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by Bodayga Drizz

When you think of a bodega what do you think of? A corner store in the New York area, where you can buy a variety of things from? Well, the New Heaven, CT native Bodayga Drizz gives the music world just that, delivering a variety of styles with his music. This amazing rapper/ writer/creator also known as Big New England has a mesmerising voice and a captivating vibe. Known by his fans for hit singles Boo Thang, What Up For, and Keep Me Alive, Bodayga Drizz now has come up with this summertime smash, “IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY”, which was the first song he recorded since he started doing music again after his three-year hiatus. This song has such a tremendous vibe and potential to blow up and be a long-lasting birthday anthem.

Let’s dive into more details of the song!! This stunning banger undoubtedly will find Bodayga Drizz getting lit in the music industry. The bouncy touch of this track makes the listeners dance and experience top-notch music at the same time. Even though many have not known a lot of this amazing artist’s music, when they do hear his vocals – that is the initial thing for them. The listeners may not merely love the voice or just the tone of the artist, but the look of his whole vibe and his voice is dope. His voice is the first thing that really connects with the listeners. The tone and the vibe are fiery. A lot of what inspires me when I listen to this track, especially with his flow, is the beat itself. When the listeners hear the beat the artist takes us to another world that makes us forget about all the chaos we are going through for a moment. Yes, it does not have to be a birthday to listen to this track, this single is such a mood fixer that spreads cheerfulness in the atmosphere.

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