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KatKush – Fed Up

by KatKush

My name is Matija I am a self thought producer and I am 24 years old. I come from a small coutry Slovenia

Here is my plan for future songs: I am now focused on combining different brands of music and creating something that differes from other music meaning to add and combine elements that set mainstrem tracks apart from standard sound but include elements from all geners. I am carefully planing and working with my partners some of which are singers, a few of them trained musicians (guitar, saxophone and piano).

What I want to give back: I offer to guide my audience through stories about conflicted emotions and reflect on them, because walking my path I noticed alot of people struge with many different kinds of problems. I plan to write songs with stories that will give people a chance to, solve conflicts, release stress and bring their vibes into self love and positivity. For others that already vibrate high I hope they will enjoy listening to my songs.

Any kind of conflict often leaves people broken harted, creates low self esteem and causes loss of motivation and self love. I want to help them find a bright side in hard situations.

I want to help people grow their self esteem positivity and airy vibes. My main dream is to produce a song that can melt any brand of cynicism.

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Artist: KatKush

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