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The PROTESTSOUND has refuelled their energies and has come up with a top-notch, captivating new version with smashing hip-hop traits, far from their previous music. Their sound on “LEGACY” is much, much more intense and proficient than it has ever been before. PROTESTSOUND on their new production, “To begin this new year, we propose a song we’ve proposed on MIXTYPE. This is a new version with a rap feature. Indeed, we proposed to a great female artist to rap on this emotional song. The song is shorter, more efficient. Of course, you feel the rock influences with guitars but the focus was to propose a hip hop song. Even though we are a pop-punk rock band, we like hip hop.” Undoubtedly, the effects of LEGACY’s reworked sound are significant and striking, shaping the impression of a band that has an uplifting, powerful message to communicate.

“LEGACY” is one of the most captivating and possibly best of PROTESTSOUND’s tracks with some of the best lyrics of the past few years, including mind-blowing phrases like: “Don’t waste your time with empty talks, Don’t try to smile if you don’t like that, Don’t spend your time to do what they want… I will never quit, I don’t care how hard it is, I’m too attached, I put my heart in this… If you really love then you gotta try, Imma keep on doing this until I die”. PROTESTSOUND are on fire, and it is depicted in their melody and lyrics like never before.

However, beyond the expectations, it is clearly evident the song, “LEGACY” is simply remarkable with one of the most enjoyable and profound music any band has made in a long time. The track is compelling, fusing flawlessly, comprising what is simply one of the best listening experiences any rap record has ever provided. Unlike most contemporary music, Missteps are few and far between. Overall, “LEGACY” is an undeniably strong record. It is an excellent track that will take PROTESTSOUND a long journey in the music industry. In short, with this incredible single, PROTESTSOUND is shining like never before.

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