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by Raff Woods

Dean Lewis is a British singer who recently came out with a new single “Listen” over the summer. It’s as if we’re listening to one side of a phone conversation. The consequence takes us to stillness as we wait for his next words. The artist’s ballad is just as elegant as it is heartbreaking. The tone is supported by an airy acoustic accompanied by Raff Woods’ heartbreaking lyrics. Even if you’re in a happy relationship, the song makes you step into his shoes and feel the agony he sings.

Further, Raff Woods pours his soul into the heart-wrenching lyrics of “Listen” and it is difficult not to feel every sentiment alongside him as the miserable synths invade the listener’s soul.

Listen I broke once
You’ve been on my mind all-day
If I could let you go
maybe I’ll be okay

Beginning as an atmospheric piano part with a pale synthesizer, it slowly creates into this huge arena ready ballad with guitars, drums, strings, and amazing vocals. There is this contrast of cosy storytelling with a delighted release of feelings which is so cathartic. Upon the initial listen the listeners will be taken aback by the natural sensation the song embodies, and listeners also will be recalled of their earlier material with the hefty emotional connection it emits. This song is reflective, precious and generally just a charming song. Overall, this track rightfully has the right to its journey in rage from the UK to the world. This single is one of the true definitions of pain caused when you truly love someone.

Raff Woods
Artist: Raff Woods

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