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Love is a grove

by Sweet 17
Love is a grove

Sweet 17 is a hip hop/pop vocal duo based in Los Angeles. Singers Jessica New and Dannielle DeAndrea met while both were session singers at producer/composer Scooter Pietsch’s studio. Both have sung extensively on film and television projects including the theme to The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, “Do Your Own Thang.” DeAndrea, hails from Australia and has recorded several albums under the name Dannielle Gaha. Their songs have appeared on many television shows including Pretty Little Liars, Greek, Real VWorld Hollywood, The Bold & The Beautiful, Burn Notice and Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

“Love is a grove” is Sweet 17s newest song recorded by Sweet 17 which was released in 2021, through Spotify, as their first single after the Supabeat album. This song was written by Danielle DeAndrea , Jessica New and Scooter Pietsch. “Love is a grove” is cheery, campy pop, driven by a stunning band drumline. Further, This track gets a melody stuck in people’s heads making the listeners nervous.

The whole song carries with a bouncy, with a jukebox-y melody threaded throughout and Sweet 17 singing empowering words like, “Doesn’t even really matter where we go, what we do”, “As long as we are together grooving!”. This song has epic, room-filling melodies and moods, and it feels cathartic and perky at once. The music reflects the upbeat feeling one has when they receive a playful love from a beloved for life. You will barely be through one listen and Sweet 17s voice and the backbeat will be lodged in your brain for the next few hours. Overall, it’s Sweet 17 through and through. They are pop music champions.

Sweet 17
Artist: Sweet 17

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