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Material Girl

by Melissa Seals

Young upcoming music artist “Melissa Seals” shows how talented she is as a female artist an orlando native. She can fascinate us with her beauty, not only that she has amazing talent to sing songs. Her voice drives us crazy, definitely you feel like listening when she sings.

Melissa grew up with music. She brushes up her talent day by day. So we can see her progress as her big fans. People love her passion and style. She also shows her talent with EDM (Electronic Dance Music).

Melissa Seals is releasing onto the modern music scene with her new single “Material Girl ” followed shortly by her new record “Feel the Pain”. “Material Girl” inevitably highlights the artist’s brighter side. The track is loaded with powerful beats and so it’s enjoyable to listen to, but much more than this it gives listeners a unique artist.

With a range of effects from pop legends like Madonna and Brittney Spears to more modern alternative styles such as Olivia Rodrigo, she brings the classic sound of pop polish with her own signature twist.

Melissa Seals and the producers of and Social Music House, inspired by Madonna’s song, performed a solo song. Together they created a track that captures the exciting nature of Madonna’s classics but adds modern bites. Melissa’ smooth vocals flow on the track’s sparkling and almost hypnotic synths, all the while the drums invite you to move and dance with the groove. This “Material Girl” track is suitable for night clubs, raves and festivals.

Artist: Melissa Seals

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