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On the latest release from OLI OXEN FREE, a vibrant snare beat meets wonderfully raspy and rhythmic vocals. The soundscape, in particular, draws you in from the start, the crisp and clear finish blending well with those classic nuances and layers that transport you to a simpler time. Likewise, the occasional synths and samples throughout have a distinct air of originality – good production helps create something that’s constantly evolving and constantly intriguing.

The artist’s name is Oli Oxen Free, he is a genre-bending producer and artist from New York. His music is often spooky and psychedelic sounding with themes and sounds of something you’d imagine to be in a horror movie. Mostly haunted-sounding, hard trap beats accompany melodic vocal lines throughout his songs.

“MERCY” opens with a warm and welcoming intro, feeling like visiting an old friend. From there, it’s a comfortable and easy ride through the best new spirits around. This is an artist who knows how to wear his influences on his sleeve without becoming a clone. “OLI OXEN FREE” has its own unique style that shines through every track.

OLI OXEN FREE’s voice, above the music, is full of personality – his tone, his laid-back delivery style, and even his words show a clear love for composing bars geared towards performance and entertainment. That’s not to say the music isn’t serious—it has a lighthearted feel that makes it easy to enjoy.

The production value on “MERCY” is excellent, every beat carries its weight and the transitions between them are almost seamless. The flow of the song is perfect, perfectly matching the energy of OLI OXEN FREE’s music.

Overall, an easy-to-enjoy song that will make you feel good. OLI OXEN FREE has a gift for making music that feels both classic and fresh, and ‘MERCY’ is no exception.

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