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by JustJohn

Artist and guitarist JustJohn is one of the most creative lyricists and storytellers on the rise from Japan and now based in Atlanta. His diverse upbringing is even represented in his genre-bending records. JustJohn often fuses rock melodies with hip hop rhythm and lyrics to create a unique but cohesive sound.

At a young age, JustJohn. gravitated towards music for its therapeutic and inclusive abilities. As a teenager, he would often write songs as a way to express and understand himself. His therapeutic utilization of music created the opportunity to connect with people by consistently creating relevant and authentic representations of relatable (and entertaining) circumstances. The beauty of his approach is that as he continues to grow and experience, so will his career as a creative!

“MIA” is clearly a stepping stone in JustJohn’s music expedition as this track is something cracking that can fascinate listeners. The ardent hip-hop rock is embellished with the artist’s reverberating voice that evokes thousands of emotions. Hope this crackerjack rock song will amuse our viewers to the fullest.

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