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Moonlit Mind

by Story Time
Moonlit Mind

Story Time is a singer-songwriter/producer from Dallas, TX. His goal is to bring together the old and new worlds of music, combining colourful melodies, thoughtful lyricism, and electric production. “Moonlit Mind” is a beautiful future based song that made me fall in love with Story Time’s style of music to the core. With his comforting voice, Story Time generates the ultimate feel-good song, “Moonlit mind”.

What makes this song impressive is that Story Time has the proficiency to connect to so many people. The imaginative lyrics of this song by Alexander Guerra are related to space in a distinct way. The lyrics are so genuine and honest and Story Time reveals boundless musical proficiency. The music of this song evokes such imagery and emotion that it leaves the listeners breathless by the end of the song. The solacing, yet calm piano arrangement provides a dreamy, soothing undercurrent for Story Time’s powerful vocals, the effort clearly being made to evoke love in a galaxy.

This is a song that bestows warmth, and love in a unique perspective to the listeners. Story Time transports the listener to a place where they feel euphoric and comforting. Even though Story Time might not be a household name just yet, give it a few months. With his truthful and remarkable voice, he is an artist to be reckoned with.

Moonlit Mind
Artist: Story Time

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