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My Purpose

by Jeremiah Broken
My Purpose

Throughout the bright and catchy new single from ‘Jeremiah Broken’, the creative production takes a refreshing lead.

“My Purpose” is an infinitely innovative production and blends a strong devotion to Christian Hip Hop from the beginning, and then stylistic highlight another aspect of the artist’s vast creative domain.

Jeremiah Broken is a talented artist. He is planning on having a live stream album release performance on September 16 after all releases are completed. He’ll be selling CDs, so that would be his opportunity to recoup expenses or make income. Since He’ll be shipping CDs, He would like the target market to be in the U.S.A.

This is a performance video filmed in the control room of his studio Atmosphere Recording. It’s the first of four releases. The first three are performance videos and the last will be an official video. Jeremiah Broken succeeds as a vocalist and keeps that integrity of topic throughout, displaying many shifts in performance style, from spoken word to melody to severely altered Christian hip hop moments in between. That identity persists, no matter where his inventiveness takes him; the throbbing heart of the enterprise, a rare and everimpressive trait that is impossible to overlook.

The music here is incredibly interesting – the opening moments, the mesmerizing rise and fall of that rhythmic pattern, the ingenuity and static, then the intense bass and Christian rhythms – everything is raw, unexpected, intriguing, appropriately restless, and subtle. Match the subject matter available. So I invite you to stay with Jeremiah Broken for his new releases and subscribe to his youtube channel to watch more.

Jeremiah Broken
Artist: Jeremiah Broken

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