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My Siren

by Last Machine Operation
My Siren

Industrial and metal are often combined. The artist who comes from East Texas artist Todd Black’s solo project ‘Last Machine Operation’, they converge in a refreshing caustic change. By cannibalizing sounds from industrial pioneers such as Ministry and Skinny Puppy and reviving them in a brand-new era of Industrial Rock, Last Machine Operation’s sound possesses a familiarity, but their revival is no mere assimilation.You will find melodic hooks that draw you in with the constant evolution of sound, around the resonant baseline that causes the heartbeat, tight cavernous riffs and caustic electronics to collide.

Todd Black is a talented and popular musician in East Texas. He is a multi-talented solo artist. He creates all his songs by himself. The way he provides the music for the songs is very neat. As well as mixed mastered by jason sevanick of mindless faith and art work by mister sam shearon.

‘My Siren’ is one of his best rock songs. It has a sharp sound track. And also the song has a heavy beat. All the electronic instruments associate perfectly. This rock song where the guitar determines in a great deal of its sound a guitar through an overdrive and tube amp. It’s like nothing else and it gives Rock the character.

The right music can keep you in the right mind to exercise and help you get into the ‘zone’ where you maximize your effort. As long as you enjoy the music you are listening to then it doesn’t matter where you are, as it will still have the power to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. And when we listen to this song, when we associate it with anger and confusion, it can give a balm to the soul and turn a bad mood into a positive one.

So stay with ‘Last Machine Operation’ to listen to more amazing songs. That’s the best way to awaken your mind.

My Siren
Artist: Last Machine Operation

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