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No, Lucia

by Samuel Makanda
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Samuel Makanda is an upcoming artist who has a passion for Hip hop,rap,and R&B music and he has the potential of becoming a renowned artist in the industry as his versatility is shown through his songs.Makanda is predominantly experimenting music under the genres of Hip hop, rap and R&B and as most of you may know Hip hop music and Rap music are almost the same and it is a genre of popular music which consists of stylized rhythmic music. Rapping accompanies the music and it is basically a rhythmic and rhyming speech to make the song a catchy one.

Makanda’s latest song ‘No,Lucia’ is about young love and about a love triangle where the narrator wants the girl to be his lover. As I think, the person is head over heels for this beautiful, young girl who is in another relationship. Basically the song is about obsessive feelings of a lover and his intention of wooing the girl in order to make her fall in love with him.As far as the lyrics of the song is concerned, it’s very simple and catchy.

The video is alluring and it has got a vibe to it. The effort that is put into making a beautiful video is commendable.As a novice and a young artist all he needs is to work on the meaning and the message of the song. Orelse he has done a good job in creating a very catchy song that has got a vibe to it ,as the rap and the tone is very smooth and subtle.To sumup, Makanda has the potential of creating an identity of his own as he has the talent and his songs are very catchy.If he keeps experimenting more about rap and hip hop music he can be a promising artist in the industry.

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Artist: Samuel Makanda

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