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No Pinocchio

by GG Sargeant

GG Sargeant releases new single “No Pinocchio”, produced by Lester Duval

London, England / Brighton, Sussex– South West London based singer GG Sargeant releases her latest single “No Pinocchio”, produced by Lester Duval, on the 16th October 2020.

The single, a UK Soul & R&B groover, follows up the success of the UKG Remix of “Love Bomb” which was licensed to Netflix show “Monarca” and supported by Spotify and Apple Music.

GG explains the inspiration:

“In a world where technology leads the way, people often get caught up in their own lies and false representation of life, in order to keep up with the perfect illusion. ‘No Pinocchio’ cuts through the deceit, craves the truth and highlights that it is always better to be authentic and stay true to yourself.”

Producer Lester Duval, fresh from recent work with Pip Millet and Kwaku Asante, adds

“Working with GG was a challenge I enjoyed – creating something a little different from what I usually do – and I think we hit a little vibe…!”

GG Sargeant ‘No Pinocchio is released on 16th October 2020
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About GG Sargeant

South West Londoner Georgia “GG” Sargeant has had music coursing through her veins since birth.

“Both my Dad and Step Dad were DJ’s growing up. Our house was always filled with a wide variety of music, so I spent most of my childhood jumping on the bed, dancing and singing at the top of my lungs. My influences come from a wide spread of genres and times. Being a mixed artist with dual heritage, who was recently diagnose with ADHD (which is my superpower!), has confirmed how important it is for me to continue making the music I love, without being boxed in based on race, gender or ability”

“I started song writing as a teenager which allowed me to find out a lot more about myself and helped me to express who I wanted to be both as an artist and in life.”

“My influences come from a spread of genres and times. These include James Brown, Kool and the Gang, Etta James, Craig David, Masters at Work, Jill Scott, Aretha Franklin; Aretha’s Say A Little Prayer is one of my all time favourites! And of course it goes without saying Whitney Houston, Adele and Amy Winehouse are also huge influences of mine.”

“I am also super inspired by the strong women in music industry today from the rise of Dua Lipa to the strength and longevity of JLo and Beyoncé.”

“I love anything that allows emotion to shine through and touch your soul. When I write, I want to connect with people and if my experiences can help them in any way then the songs have done their job. Life is full of ups and downs and in my short time on this earth I’ve experienced my fair share of hard times. I am very lucky to have a mother who is also my best friend and my hero. She taught me how to express my emotions through art and how to rise from the ashes when I or we fell on hard times. Her strength, support and incredible journey has always given me hope that whatever life throws at us we have the power to turn it into something positive, such as a kick ass song!”

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