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by Shady Mayne

Shady Mayne, Originally from Oakland, California first emerged in 2017 with a series of online tracks and videos that accumulated millions of streams across all online platforms. Amazingly, he shocks the music industry by releasing a first-rate single, “OBJ.” The fiery lyrics, particularly the way the artist delivers his vocals are quite remarkable. Speaking of production, “OBJ” the beat goes hard, while the brassy production adds some bite. This bite is the perfect fuel for the fire, as Shady Mayne drops precise rhymes, showcasing his consistent, unique flow.

Getting more specific to “OBJ,” the two most notable sections of the record are the tune (a pre-chorus of sorts), as well as the following chorus. After performing some pop-rap skill on the verses and refrain, the artist shows off even more rhythmic prowess on the chorus. The chorus is killer, though Shady also generates plenty of heat to the verses. The energetic flow that runs throughout the song is something that adds a smashing touch to the track. Overall, Shady Mayne showcases his huge potential in the music industry with the track “OBJ.” What makes it huge? Excellent production, compelling rhymes, and probably most of all, the gift that is Shady Mayne. If anyone who is out there deems to experience a unique musical experience, here you go!

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