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On My Mind

by Jordn Crow

Originating out of the Toronto area in Canada, Jordn Crow is an artist that embodies a musicality which helps solidify his spot within the generational sound of this era. Through a focus in Rap and Alternative R&B, Jordn exhibits an edgy and versatile flow, along with a unique vocal presence which allows for him to express his confidence and exhibit the struggles that he possesses though the delivery of his precise lyricism.

Jordn describes his main musical influences as “some of the most influential and tenacious individuals that [he] has ever observed…”. The same qualities and efforts found within his influencers’ work are the values that Jordn Emulate within his own lifestyle choices along with his music. Tthe artists continuously making an influence in his life include; J. Cole, Drake, Usher, Michael Jackson, Outkast, Kanye West, and Jay-Z. Jordn is also strongly influenced by a variety of independent artists that share the same passion for music and challenge him to put out his best work.

In 2016 Crow released his debut single titled “Where Were U”, an introspective tune exploring his psyche on a subconscious level. He explains his past struggles, and outlines his plans as an artist in hopes to foreshadow his musical future. He followed that release in 2017 with two singles (“Jordan”‘, “Temporary”). In 2018 He released 3 singles which included visuals (“On Road”, “IJWK”, “I Ride”) followed by two singles in 2019 (“I Got Time”, “Grind”). In 2020 he released “Promise This”, “Vibe Wit U”, “Carole Baskin”, and “On My Mind”.

He has been featured in a number of playlists and blogs, including:
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Jordn has excelled enormously in terms of his confidence, knowledge of the industry, and consistent sound development as an artist. Along with this, he has collaborated with like minded individuals, producers, and artists within his region and has made a key impact in creating a valuable support system.

“On My Mind” is currently available on all streaming services. Check it out here:

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