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Protestsound released one of their best songs, incredibly showcasing their potential with their freshest single “Only Look Matters”. Certainly, in this new single, Protestsound has eliminated themselves of their pop-punk roots and delivered the kind of pop punk rock that is reminiscent of Blink-182s early years. With its ingredients of punk rock music, “Only Look Matters” will no doubt make some waves in the music industry. This is a love song, Romeo and Juliet during the pandemic. The catchy lyrics and bouncy chorus combined with some heavy guitar parts make this track an excellent punk rock anthem. The music comes heavy and fast and it is all so terribly energetic that it will prove overwhelming to the listeners who want nothing more than to dance, shout, laugh and cry all at once. This is an outstanding example of what Protestsound is all about: it is powerful, it is poppy, and it is vibrant. “Only Look Matters” is a truly great piece of music, right away the drumming grabs you up and urges your attention. It is vigorous, and blended with the main guitar riff builds a sense of panic in a unique way. This track includes repetitive yet serious lyrics


In more detail, “Only Look Matters” delves into punk rock with some heavier guitar riffs and an incredible guitar verse in the middle. The drumming on “Only Look Matters” particularly deserves praise, most importantly the lyrics being well delivered in a remarkable manner. Overall this track is a good introduction to the Protestsound in their broadly creative period! Anyways back to this song, it can be regarded as a classic, especially this track is extremely enjoyable and to any modern pop punk fan, I must encourage you to pick this up! Not only will you find it a lot more captivating than the usual tone of the Protestsound, but you might also certainly learn something about punk rock!

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