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by Lost Paradox

Pandora from Lost Paradox, is a next level Drum & Bass song with an extremely cool melody. You get lost in your thoughts with the captivating voice of the artist and the unique melody.
Lost Paradox is the moniker of Los Angeles-based, Belgium-bred producer and DJ. His brand of bass music blends shades of light and dark into a concoction that resonates with both minds and speaker cabinets, pulling you into a universe ruled by low-frequency dreams. Think the angst and energy of midrange snarls and neuro basslines, interjected with the uplifting properties of liquid.Lost Paradox was raised on electronic music, and was immediately hooked after his first EDM event in 2012. It wasn’t long before he was driving his family insane with subsonic frequencies and eroding the brickwork of his house. He has since moved to LA to pursue his passion.For Lost Paradox, music in its purest form is a vehicle for expression and escapism, and through his high-octane beats and basslines he seeks to take listeners on a journey far removed from the confines of reality. Strap yourself in as he launches you through uncharted galaxies and paradoxical universes, bending space and time in the process.

Lost Paradox
Artist: Lost Paradox

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