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Philadelphia Midnight Train

by William Delray Floyd
Philadelphia Midnight Train

William Delray Floyd is an interesting songwriter/singer who primarily moves between rock, blues, country and more. Loves introducing unexpected instruments into the mix. The artist’s captivating track, “Philadelphia Midnight Train” feels massive and intimate at once. This track maintains a vague, dusky aura and Floyd’s remarkable optimistic songwriting is the nicest it has ever been. Whatever viewpoint he may be singing from, he sounds smudged into something elemental, replenished with objective and simplicity, coming after wherever his imagination oversees. As in his previous works, Delray Floyd sounds like himself in this track too.

Diving into more details of the track, “Philadelphia Midnight Train” is as intriguing and insightful as any of Floyd’s music, and it illuminates curiosity and attraction. Comprising a clever tale about the filmy storyline, Floyd’s lyrics document a story, bestowing the listeners with the excitement of an adventurous ride on a dark night.

“Didn’t know where he was going
But ain’t never going back
His life was going nowhere
And that was pretty plain”

As usual, Delray Floyd remains amazingly undiminished, sounding like a narrator with incredible soaring. Distinctively, the guitar parts are brutishly significant with a hard backbeat.

Further, “Philadelphia Midnight Train” is obviously an ear-catching single and it concentrates more on the powerful sounds – guitar, bass, drum set and sharp vocals – a feature of this song that is extremely fascinating and new for this time. More importantly, this song can be seen as a dive into exploratory music and digital music –proving as a promising track that can remain within the realm of rock music. Overall, the Instrument is powerful and pleasantly heavy on the ears. Singing and vocal layering has a remarkable impact and manage to keep the listeners connected and enthralled. Particularly, the guitar strums subtly to flawlessly alter the rhythm and tempo. Altogether, the song is an incredible piece of music that is worth adding to your playlist!

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Artist: William Delray Floyd

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