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Play Me Good

by Jerzey
Play Me Good

Artist Jerzey is a Berlin based singer, rapper, and songwriter. He was born in Berlin, Germany. He is a R&B/ Hip Hop artist. He mostly likes to sing hip hop songs. In his music he fuses pure rap and smooth RnB sounds. The atmosphere that is transmitted through his work is most likely Serious and tragic but should be called emotional.

Since 2014 he has been singing as a background singer for the German pop rap crossover.
The artist spoke to Kesh while working on his solo career. Growing up listening to various types of music from all around the globe it appears that Jerzey’s own artistic path was supposed to become a very diverse one. His greatest influences are American and British Hip Hop, RnB and Soul artists from the 1980’s and 1990’s like Sade, R. Kelly and DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince. However German musicians like Aggro Berlin and Xavier Naidoo have also always displayed strong role models for the Berlin native.

In the early 2010’s a new RnB sound that originated in Toronto, Canada caught his attention. Ever since then Jerzey started putting his focus on that new subdivision and its creator, singer and rapper Drake. This movement has been an important and precedent-setting influence for him until the present day.

In 2015 and 2016 the Berlin artist often visited and met Various ancient artists in the field of music in Belgium. Especially the mentoring he has received from Brussels Soul Queen Zap Mama Jerzey described it as highly beneficial.

During his academic training (Cultural Studies) he studied cultural and linguistic aspects of music which also affects his songwriting. Jerzey’s first single in 2019 “Not Myself” was released in March and already aired on a few radio stations in Berlin including 98.8 Kiss FM. His second single is called “Need You More”. It was published in May. Shortly after the song was discovered by the German radio show “Fritz Unsigned” and added to their Spotify playlist. Unlike the first two releases of 2019, which can be considered RnB music, the third single “Friends”.

And now he released his latest single “Play Me Good”. It has mellow and gentle vibes and the track is not very powerful. But it feels to our heart. The track is rich with soulful lyrics. He delivers international sounds through his tracks. and also This choral invigorates our mind. Jerzey is a brilliant performer. We can see the abilities of his works. He will do some creative things to this industry with his talents.

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