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KioLLUMINATI is an artist based out of California whose genre consists mainly of hip hop and rap. The artist has a knack for producing beats as well as improving his ability as a songwriter as it translates to his musical creativity and insight on the artist himself. All tracks produced to the current day are unique and his approach regarding music as a whole. However, with music being a therapeutic process each track comes naturally when it is composed, nothing is rushed it all comes as the days go by and there a lot the listeners can relate to KioLLUMINATI’s journey with music as well as understanding the level of expression given with each release. His newest release “Progression”, is certainly one of the nicest tracks from KioLLUMINATI so far. KioLLUMINATI brings something new to the table. And to top the track off, it has a vibrant beat that makes the track distinctive from many new hip hop music. “Progression”, presents an excitement through the incredible beat and words that everyone gets. The sharp, dominant tone of KioLLUMINATI’s voice, while he sings, verifies that his work can be extremely connecting and profound. Overall, “Progression” certainly has its moments, with sufficient heavyweight performance his career simply deserves. It is obvious with this release, that KioLLUMINATI is on the boards with the heat; the levels are quite heated, scorching, and torching, and it will keep any hip-hop soul properly enthralled for a while.


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