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Real Hip Hop

by Jeremiah Broken
Real Hip Hop

The song Real Hip Hop by Jeremiah Broken is a performance song as per his words. Hip Hop song mixed with Rap to R&B beat. According to Jeremiah Broken at a time where music is dominated by senseless music and high time it shifts the horizon. However, considering the current scenario Jeremiah Broken has decided to make his own contribution through songs such as Real Hip Hop which reminds me of at certain times change begins with us.

There is a message intertwined to the song Real Hip Hop. It speaks of different subject matters. Specifically the racism and hypocrisy which is prevalent all over the world. We often hear black people being subjected to racism or violence. However, on a rare occasion a white man could be subjected too. Often such incidents do get hindered in a pool of prominent racism against black people. By the looks of it , the whole scenario is seemingly a very personal experience of Jeremiah as he tries to find a footing in a very much black predominant Hip Hop industry.

The beauty of Real Hip Hop is Jeremiah Broken throughout the song remains a dignified soul and keeps insisting spreading love instead of hate. The world thrives in love and hate has absolutely no value in comparison to what love could do.

A narrow research on Jeremiah Broken led me to find out that he is a man with a purpose.
A soulful artist who wants to create a connection for those non-believers with Jesus. The nobility of his actions might stir an entirely different conversation.However, at large it does not create any harmful consequences and we all could agree upon that wholeheartedly. One needs to appreciate the thought behind. Indeed full of love.

Jeremiah sings from his heart and that too effortlessly.Above anything else the underlying message is worthy of listening to. Tune in to Real Hip Hop for some soulful Hip Hop. Love wins.

Jeremiah Broken
Artist: Jeremiah Broken

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