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Real Music

by William Delray Floyd
Real Music

William Delray Floyd is a songwriter/ lyricist and recording artist who loves the blues. But he freely moves to country, jazz, folk, reggae, rock and sometimes he throws a little classical into the mix. He makes everything interesting and he uses unexpected instruments for his design.

You have a good chance to meet Bill Floyd or his lovely wife Brenda somewhere in your electrical travels. They have been everywhere around electrical music for more than 50 years. He is a creative lyricist. He writes his own songs. Most recently, Bill became more famous as the entrepreneur who helped start He proudly recorded his first CD “Stand Your Ground”. William sang a duet with not only his wife, but also his daughter Andrea.

He had some big ideas that can help the less fortunate, and he eventually wants to start a foundation for kids who need a more positive growth environment and mentorship. Not only is he an artist, he is a helpful man.

‘Real Music’ is his One of songs. That songs’ instrument sounds are interesting to hear. It can fascinate our mind. And the melody is perfect. This rock is simple and unique. And also it gives listeners a glimmpse of a talented expert artist. Most of his fans are gathered around him, because they love his creations. Not only that, most people follow him and listen to his latest music track when they are released. And the greatest thing is he made nine albums with over 100 songs and several more are on the way. In fact, he is an expert in the field of music.

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Artist: William Delray Floyd

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