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Retro Color

by Cubix
Retro Color (2)

Retro color’ which is produced pertaining to the house genre, is a 3 minutes progressive audio portrayal. It is a new release by the artist Cubix from Los Angeles, CA. Cubix is an upcoming music producer who makes all kinds of electronic music. However, his focus is mainly on modern house music as in this track. This release by Cubix has an iconic melody which consists of a unique innovative blast of vibrancy. It is even more enticing with the enchanting instruments that have been used to produce this track. The captivating sounds that come in a blend with the perfect tempos are layered onto a relentless beat. This beat captures your attention, thus it deftly blends magically with the captivating tempos. Moreover, some interesting sound design is going on in the track and this makes “Retro color” a catchy music track.This track actually is something which is more than just a simple feeling. Every beat and every variation is done perfectly where you will feel the track almost instantly. “Retro color” is expertly recorded by blending bass and drums in a perfect unison. Thus it is obvious that this music piece improves our focus with its stunning rhythmic patterns and is perfect for dancing as well.

Cubix (2)
Artist: Cubix

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