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Rinnstrøm & Caine

by Zyxdance
Rinnstrøm & Caine


Zyxdance’s amazing new music arrives just in time for the summer festive season to begin in style. Combining more creative, heavier rhythms, bass, echoing melodies and melodies than ever before, the new song adds a playful nostalgia to Zyxdance’s generally ancient and contemporary approach, as well as a stunning backbone that invites listeners to add volume and commitment.

Zyxdance is a group of music lovers. After the amazing success of their debut “Focus on Awesomeness”, the dudes from “Rinnstrøm&Caine” are back with their next album “Kolktum”.Again via Zyx Music, the disc is unleashed on the public. And also this time the duo from Sachsen-Anhalt does not indulge in the typical electronic sound but once again makes fat basses swing and melodic sounds float, as is their trademark.” We have again put our complete heart and soul into this release. No autotune, no touch-ups – just real emotion” says producer Lasse Rinnstrøm.An ideal tune for festivals that will heat up this summer. Whether it’s sunset or sunrise, the track will transport you right there. As a treat for the new piece, there will also be a video for the track this time. As a treat for the new piece, there will also be a video for the track this time. You can watch their music video on their youtube channel.

“Rinnstrøm & Caine” perfectly incorporates this element. Basic, cascading synth melodies and constantly evolving multi-layers, a specially crafted rhythm sequence flows with a distinctly mixed rhythm.

Rinnstrøm & Caine’s access to EDM is joyful, accurate and warm. The music, which includes soft subjective pulses and modern emotions, is a producer with excellent ears for the impressive rise and fall of the dance field as well as the intensity of melody and build.

Artist: Zyxdance

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