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by Richard Jason

Richard is a successful R&B, Pop and Soul singer who began making music at a very young age. Today Richard is reaping the reward of his talent, passion and hard work but the path to reach this fame was not easy for him. He is today best known for his 2021 album Language and the single “Rise”.

When focusing on the song “Rise”, this song is meant to be inspirational. This song has a significant message that is very related to our everyday existence. The song delivers a message to believe in the difficulties and that you can be anything and do anything you wish with hard work and devotion. It motivates the listeners to dream and to trust themselves despite judges. When we are feeling too nervous or unstable to pursue our dreams this song is a reminder that we will never prosper if we don’t at least begin.

However, what do I love about this song the most? The way the artist delivers it! There is a special thing about this song which is Richard’s astonishing vocals as it adds glow to the song. Particularly, the subtle changes in his vocals mainly highlighted in different phases of the song gives hints of the versatility of his tone colour. The artist generates a positive atmosphere throughout the song with the attractive way he sings. Further, the lyrics blended with the catchy and moving tune can certainly boost the listeners’ spirits up. It bestows the listeners’ resilience and encourages them, making them feel like they have the potential to achieve anything, as long as they set their mind to do it. Highly recommend this track to the listeners who do not want to let anybody make them feel like they are nobody.

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