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Shake It

by Lv7 Ink Gawd
Shake it

What an amazing find. “Shake it feat. Aj Rizzle” by Suffolk Virginia-based Lv7 Ink Gawd” is likely to win your love right from the start. The catchy beat of the soundscape is quickly followed by a very thick yet sweet beat, both of which are then met with the delicate and satisfying sound of the instruments – all in the opening moments, And it’s been nothing short of a classic ever since Electronic bliss.

The song has an unusual concept, not so much the idea of ​​the previous composition, but the artist’s explanation of what it is to him. There’s an unexpected sweetness to the song – for the most part, the metaphorical feel is prevalent, but it works well in both cases. It’s really nice to hear something so open and honest, and such a reflective and soft expression suits the acoustic setting brilliantly. The whole thing is beautiful, that laid-back, gentle approach is always a big draw, and as mentioned, the artist’s voice has a wonderful warmth and slight croon of a person who lives well and experiences the world.

It’s a really good starting point for listening to Lv7 Ink Gawd in general. If you are really a fan of electronic and different genres of music, you can trust this artist to make the sound you want to hear. There’s a lot more music on his Spotify page. get in touch.

The whole sound of this song has a very catchy hint of nostalgia, but for the first minute, this isn’t what you might think. The elements of the song come very systematically, one by one, step by step, and each time it’s something that makes you excited that there’s still more out there than your expectations.

The intro itself sets the scene, the music draws you in, creates a mood that makes you feel welcome and at home – and then of course there’s a moment of anticipation that the vocals or the hook or something will come later. , would bring the whole thing down, but honestly, it never does. The song has everything that fans loved back then, both musically and in substance. Ideas, things you want to think about. In addition to this, it brings something very exciting and fresh to the stage, and that EP is incredible.

Lavarius Jones
Artist: Lv7 Ink Gawd

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