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Sitawi Trapped


For Nate Sitawi, there are no limitations when it comes to breaking new ground. Known as a Guitarist, Producer, and Record Executive. This project is an extra special milestone for SITAWI the songs are based around the situations stowed upon him over the last few years, he lost one of his sons. 
 Fascinated by the sound of the guitar, Sitawi was inspired to play music when he was just eight years old. He grew up in Lincoln Heights, a suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio, also the home to multiple platinum and Grammy winner “The Isley Brothers”. A lot of good music came out of Ohio back then (Bootsy Collins, The Ohio Players, ZAPP, Midnight Star, and The Deele (who signed with the independent label he created in 2007, D-Town records aka D-Town Music Group)) he fell in love with music. 
 “My Mom wasn’t musical and the man I thought was my Dad wasn’t musical”. However, in 2019 thru a DNA test he discovered his biological Dad, his “real” Dad, and that’s the mystery behind the artist name “Nate Sitawi”. My Dad is very musical and even in his 80’s, he’s still engaged in Guitar, Vocals and hand-made wind instruments. The first time I met him and walked through the door I looked to the right and the first thing I saw was a guitar. I was just floored. That moment alone answered a lot of questions I could never answer”, tells Nate Sitawi. 
 No matter what music will help you reflect on those situation and inspire you to move forward in life realizing that your happiness comes from within.

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