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by Zpextre
Souvenir (2)

Souvenir, which was newly released, is a track by the multi-instrumentalist ZPEXTRE pronounced as ‘zip-x-tree’ who lives in California. Zpextre is a person who never forgets to appreciate all forms of self-expression. He claims that self-expression is essential for the betterment of the society and also for the betterment of the future. Zpextre grew up as a skateboarder and later made his path to the musical complexities of Avant Garde, Jazz and Classical Music. Zpextre’s first step to music career started when he was schooling. At the age of 12, he could play the violin, piano and later on he joined his school choir. Thus, his main objective in his life is to discover the healing factors and manifestations of music that contribute immensely to our lives. Consequently, having been immersed in music most of his life, it was obvious that the genre of song was a perfect vehicle. So, ‘Souvenir’ is another work from Zpextre that comes in the Psych postpunk style of music and he declared that the song is written just about him. The track consists of a very pleasing melody which is very catchy and it makes the track a contemporary hit. The words in the song are really meaningful and thoughtful and they make the track more captivating. The vocals of the singer which are very unique actually give life to a set of words. Thus, the track is expertly recorded, making waves in the industry. This music is very attractive for its shifts in the melodies. Thus these passionate shifts throughout the track and the superb vocals of the singer which work in tandem with the beat captures everyone’s attention. Consequently, this is an awesome track which is worth listening to.

Artist: Zpextre

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