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Stand Your Ground

by William Delray Floyd
Stand Your Ground

People in this changing world also like to do different things. The same is true in the field of music. This is one of the massive characters in this field, William Delray Floyd is a talented and popular songwriter/ lyricist and recording artist who loves the blues. But he mostly likes country, jazz, folk, reggae, rock and sometimes he throws a little classical into the mix. He makes everything interesting and he uses unexpected instruments to make his design a success.

50 years later he won his career life big step, William Delray Floyd created his first album. Like many others in his generation, the Beatles, powerful and the rest of the British invasion created a wave of garage bands like “why can’t I get the girls like they do”. He still remembers taking the leap and deciding to become a rock star. If you have courage to do anything you are brave and anyone can’t defeat your personality. It doesn’t matter who we are or what we have. We have to make our path ourselves.

William and his best friend started their music journey. William began to learn the guitar, because he loved it and Ron decided they needed a bass player so he volunteered. William began writing. He was convinced that they could not be spread without writing their own songs. It made no difference to them that none of them played a musical instrument or sang in public. They did not even know the potential music partners remotely qualified to do what they were trying to do. But it was the advantage of youth and stupidity.

You have a good chance to meet Bill Floyd or his beloved wife Brenda somewhere on your electric travels. They have been around electric music everywhere for over 50 years. William sang duets songs with his beloved wife and his daughter Andrea. Bill became best known as the entrepreneur who helped start In addition, he proudly recorded his first CD, “Stand Your Ground.”

‘Stand Your Ground’ is his One of beautiful songs. His guitar playing is adorable. The songs’ instrument sounds are interesting to hear. It can fascinate our mind. And the melody is perfect. If we talk about lyrics, these are creative and meaningful. This song is simple and unique. It also gives the audience a glimpse of a talented veteran artist. Many of his fans love his creations and admire his abilities.

Unlike other musicians, he hones his skills in composing instruments and he shows his talent in singing. It’s amazing that he has come up with ideas for this song. William sings this song very simply and lightly. That’s why it’s so easy for us to enjoy it.

As well as, a lot of people follow him and listen to his latest music track. And the greatest thing is he proudly presents nine albums with over 100 songs and several more are on the way. In fact, he is an expert in the field of music. He will create a brand one day through his creations. He will be available to work with talented musicians who want some great songs to record and take to their audiences.

Artist: William Delray Floyd

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