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Stepping In

by Infinite Money

Infinite Money aka James Phillips is a music producer whose aim is to promote the work of new and upcoming artists, and help them record their tracks as well.

He founded Neuro Blast Entertainment, a locally owned business, in 2005, with the hope of giving all those people a chance who want to work hard and get back on their feet. He believes in helping those who have limited resources achieve their dreams as he was in the same position while growing up in North Minneapolis, MN.

As a child, he used to be the only one hustling the streets. He used the seasons that the city experienced to his advantage, and helped clear others’ yards during winter, spring, summer, and fall. He used to shovel snow in the winter, clean the yards during spring, cut the grass during summer, and rake the leaves during fall.

Although he had more money than his peers, he felt that he never had enough to do what he wanted. This made him realize that he had to grind it out in the streets, hustle to make it to the top, and begin his journey of becoming an entrepreneur.

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