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Still Loving You – SCORPIONS – Guitar Cover

by Joe Amir
Still loving you SCORPIONS

If you love rich music with different guitars playing to create a sound that feels like honey to the ears, it is safe to assume that you will love this guy’s talent. Joe Amir is a rock guitarist with over 30 years of experience. He played on various stages with original bands and cover/tribute bands. He has recorded music with many artists, taught guitar, and he proudly released his own music album, “Flying into the sunsets”, which includes progressive rock metal guitars.

He created solo and craft and several blues musical emotional ballads. Joe Amir is the # 1 award-winning guitarist in his native Israel (1994). He has been a resident of Los Angeles, California since 1998 and has always loved to make guitar covers for popular songs.

This is a solo guitar cover of “Still loving you” by SCORPIONS. Joe Aamir plays the guitar brilliantly, covering both the singing and the music parts of his guitar, and his high level of talent confuses the listener. It starts out very soft and gradually becomes more intense, thereby expanding the scope and expression it seeks to create with the listener. It was once a classic rock in the United States and is still loved by rock lovers around the world.

Production, Performance – There is a chemical balance of desire and precision that allows this individual to combine natural warmth and uplifting energy. In short, it’s a brilliant cover, complete with cascading guitar tunes and full-throttle organic rock formations, to a crisp and contemporary standard. Give it a high flow and see if you don’t feel refreshed instantly.

“Joe Amir” is the talent behind this modern classic. His creative mind and his attention to every little detail and note to make this a symphony are truly fascinating and magical. Pro-tip, use a good quality headset to be a part of this amazing work of art.

Joe amir
Artist: Joe Amir

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