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by Alchemical Skies

Alchemical Skies is a talented music producer from Kimberley B.C., currently based in Edmonton, Alberta. He has had a diverse musical background since he started out as a drummer playing alternative rock music. Today, he continues the music that sets the bar up with an intense and varied soundtrack inspired by some of the best dark melodies. As a producer, Alchemical Skies worked to combine minimal, but immersive melodies with dark bass beats and cut backbeats to create an attractive, yet straightforward and sharp sound.

This song “Subtract” is a new release. It’s a deep house with a retro analogue vibe. The video is an abstract made using A.I. Listening through headphones, high quality speakers are the best way to get something real out of this. The intricate details involved in composing this music are fantastic, but with this video as a whole there is this captivating and beautiful atmosphere to the soundtrack, so whatever you choose to focus on, be it musical construction or what you experience and respond to it When there is nothing but your own thoughts and feelings – the result is very hypnotic. “Subtract” is an amazing project and worth downloading, but for those who have only a few minutes to escape or make a decision – “Subtract” is a sensible place to start.

The structure of the song is extremely impressive, with different parts each playing a role in giving you, the listener, a memorable experience with the video. This particular synth melt and slightly dream-like but light-blown rhythm compose a particularly angular technological home of modern electronics. Even before the music plays, the soundtrack has an epic feel to it. Then as the pictures unfold, the poem and picture frame adds tremendously to the environment. The underlying, unpredictable concept systematically surrounds you with ideas and meditations.

You can listen to the “Subtract” music video on Alchemical Skies’s YouTube channel. So finally I invite you to stay with ‘Alchemical Skies’ for his freshest creations.

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Artist: Alchemical Skies

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