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Superiority Complex

Superiority Complex

Superiority Complex from DONIKA, is a next level Pop song with an extremely cool melody. DONIKA is an Albanian, Brooklyn-born, NYC native. A child to immigrant parents that escaped war-torn Kosovo in 1990. A former ghost-writer, she began singing covers on YouTube at the age of 16. She started with a pop filter made out of a wire hanger and stockings in the attic of her family home making covers on YouTube. In 2019 she began her journey as a self-taught producer and had already been writing poetry and songs since the young age of 7. She is planning on releasing her first EP in 2021. All her tracks are self-written, self-produced and self-recorded in her home studio. DONIKA believes in healing people with her music and reflects on topics that are considered controversial. Her sound is influenced by the vintage 80’s and 90’s Pop, Hip Hop, R&B and NYC Freestyle music she grew up on melted together with the modern Electro-Pop sounds of today.

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