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Take Me To The River

by Eddi Aguilar
Eddi Aguilar

Eddi Aguilar is an artist who comes from Sacramento. His reggae style ranges from alternative Rock to lyrical rap. Eddi breaks boundaries and he can blend -multiple genres to create a whole new sound as well. He is a great artist and when you listen to his music it will speak for itself.

Eddi is a talented music artist from a small town between Sacramento and Lake tahoe. He built up his career through many barriers. He is a fashionable guy.

Eddi Aguilar released his latest single called ‘Take Me To The River’. His creations are different from other artists. Eddi has a unique voice as well as he is a good performer. The lyrics of this song are easy and meaningful. And also the beat is not sharp but rhythmically. He always improves his reggae style because he likes people to gather around him and love him.

So if you wanna be his fan and listen to his music , stay with him on spotify.

Eddi Aguilar
Artist: Eddi Aguilar

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