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by RachaSea
Takeover (5)

Since the release of “Takeover” (remix) by RachaSea, the track has gained a lot of traction. Enticing many listeners around the world, this astounding remix has blown up recently and it is not a surprise. This brilliant artist has blown up over the past few years with his sublime productions, and his fan base has evolved fast along with the numbers he racks up on streaming sites for his tracks. Being the founder of 038 family chonbury pride, now his remix is gaining a lot of attention.Putting his Brooklyn based Thai rap style on the track, he never falls short to create something truly grand and manages to bewitch listeners, bringing them into a whole other realm for the entire 3 minutes that the remix goes on for. Indicating that his skill set is extremely elevated, the remix is nothing short of being simply mystifying. Using the vocals in the original track flawlessly, it essentially feels like the artist has developed a completely different track and it is stunning to say the very least. While the edited version is receiving tens of thousands of plays on Spotify already, the remix version of “Takeover” is on course to simply smash within the scene and it is no surprise as to why.

Takeover (5)
Artist: RachaSea

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