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by Mara lasar

Temptress from Mara lasar is a next level chill song with an extremely cool melody. You get lost in your thoughts with the captivating voice of the artist and the unique melody.Although he identifies as a new age artist, Mars Lasar has also had a discreet impact on the development of electronic music at large, and he has worked on platinum recordings within other genres. Born in Germany and raised in Australia, the Los Angeles-based keyboardist and composer combined formal classical music training and technology, which lead to pioneering the sequencing and sampling concept. For 8 years in the 80’s, he was employed by Fairlight and helped create and demonstrate the first multi-track sequencer “Page R”, the sequencer included in the Fairlight CMI, a synthesizer heard on early-’80s recordings by the likes of Duran Duran, Herbie Hancock, and Peter Gabriel. The multi-track sequencer is now used in 95% of modern music (Logic, Cubase, Performer, Studio One).Lasar’s reach took off in the ’90s, when he worked on Seal’s debut album (specifically the smash hit “Crazy”) and the Jason’s Lyric soundtrack (song “Love Is Still Enough”). Both albums were certified platinum. He also collaborated with Hancock on Dis Is Da Drum and started issuing his own solo albums at a prolific rate. With over 30 albums to date his releases began with Olympus, his 2nd The Eleventh Hour reached Billboard’s top 10. His many styles include: Electronic, Chill, New Age, Meditation, and conceptual releases like Karma, Valley of the Giants and AfterWorld, with his latest 2018 release Utopia. Lasar believes that music should be shared with the world regardless of standard music formats.

Mara lasar
Artist: Mara lasar

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