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The Age of Parades

by Ian Cobiella
The Age of Parades

A classically trained pianist gone rock, Ian Cobiella shares his debut single ‘The Age of Parades’. The singer/songwriter, producer & multi-instrumentalist cites inspiration from Radiohead, Bon Iver, Julio Iglesias, and Harry Styles. This Los Angeles native calls back to his classical roots and delivers a rock-driven melody with an orchestral introduction and heavy & contagious guitars. ‘The Age of Parades’ is a great beginning to Ian’s music journey as it carries the power and passion that turns this track into a masterpiece.

‘The Age of Parades’ comes across as an honest song. In a terrain of music where the listeners do not doubt the sincerity of the singer, this track provides a satisfying layer of depth and realism that one can barely enjoy even in any other genre. Blended with a masterful selection of samples, competently produced dynamic shifts between sections, and significantly powerful, significant lyrics with earworm hook lines, this song fulfils an authentic embodiment of alternative rock – bringing something new and intriguing to the table on an outstanding basis of amusing sonic disposition.

The comparative mellowness of the track and classical sample choices bestow the song a timeless quality as if it could have been a smash whether it was released in 2021, today or 1980. ‘The Age of Parades’ is a powerful, impulsive anthem that, unlike some of the recent alternative rock tracks out there, should appeal to everyone from alternative pop fans to hard rockers. Overall, Ian Cobiella’s ‘The Age of Parades’, is an exceptional listen, that indisputably comes with its own remarkable lyrics.

Ian Cobiella
Artist: Ian Cobiella

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