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They Don’t Know

by Daddy Chinee

Based in the Caribbean, Daddy Chinee offers masterful blends of Caribbean and Continental US music styles and vocals which challenge routine genres by creating unique sounds of Reggae, Dance, Latin Soca-Parang, Caribbean Pop, Chutney-Soca, Traditional Soca, and R&B. He is considered a very versatile artist in the Caribbean music industry. He writes and performs his own songs and enjoys interacting with fans. He has toured extensively in the United States, Canada, Holland, Spain, Guyana, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and other Caribbean countries.

Daddy Chinee (Ricardo Melville), born and raised in the Caribbean, started singing at the age of thirteen and was performing professionally by the age of eighteen. Early in his professional career he was performing at venues such as the Arima Velodrome, the National Stadium in Trinidad, the Classic Rosso Tent, and with the historic musical movement the “Kiskadee Caravan.” Daddy Chinee founded the band Hipnotic and has performed with other bands such as Kaliyan, Roy Cape Allstars, Sound Revolution, Jah Vibes, Melobugs, T&TEC Gayatones, Trishul, and Dil-E-Nadan. Currently Daddy Chinee is a member of the RG Team lead by his producer Rishi Gayadeen.

Daddy Chinee’s tireless efforts and savage determination have earned him the respect and notoriety he now enjoys in his native country as well as around the world. He has that hunger and drive every true artist is born with.

Mission: “To have my music entice listeners all year round.”

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