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Think It Thru

by Chris Polite
Think It Thru (2)

Chris Polite is a talented artist who comes from Detroit City in Michigan. He is a fabulous artist and has a unique vocal power. He is a guitarist, when he plays the guitar it is like a meditation. It is very sweet. Not only that he is a creative artist. He hopes to do something new to the music industry.

The melody and original concept of “Think It Thru” are elevated by the simplicity of the style, allowing it to stand out among the contemporary pop genre. The single “Think It Thru” which is simple in style but hard-hitting in tone and quietly brilliant in wordplay, keeps things minimal to bring attention to a slightly more focused vocal and than others.

At the beginning of the song we can hear rhythmical guitar playing. After that Chris polite releases his voice according to the beat. And also the lyrics are meaningful. you receive the calm intensity of the words, Slowly but steadily, which aim high and hit the goal every bar and line, including the hook, feels fresh to you.

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Chris Polite (2)
Artist: Chris Polite

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