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by Joe Amir

Joe Amir’s “Thriller” – Michael Jackson” Guitar Solo Cover is perhaps his most emotionally driven creative offering. Despite the simplicity of the music and the stunning soundscape, there’s something utterly captivating about those few open notes and the gently dramatic way they appear.

Joe Amir is a powerful and talented guitarist. He creates guitar covers for popular songs. He gracefully covers both music and vocals at the same time using his guitar. He made more covers and you can watch them on Youtube.

The music seems to build, change and redirect in a series of rapid moments that end very quickly. The story presented, and of course, the journey the music takes you on as a listener is immediately captivating, and the skill and speed with which the instrument performs has the power to hold you until the end of the whole thing. Joe Amir’s guitar playing is of an extremely high standard, and what’s nice to see is that this focus on skill and speed is purely a secondary benefit – but an incredible one nonetheless.

The development of the music is impressive, even with a classical touch at times, and the electric guitar is beautifully inspired and continuously creative with all this. The added blessing is that, as suggested, despite the artist’s precision and undeniable ability, the music plays as if it conveys a story and a specific set of emotions. There are moments of inactivity to enjoy, moments of space and silence, and of course, remarkable moments of intensity and palpable joy regrouping and re-entering your listening space. It’s a joy to listen to, especially at high volumes.

The music is effective and memorable in many unusual and unexpected ways, and its beauty is a large part of what makes it so remarkable. It is originally an expression of experience that only the artist truly understands, but which is undeniably accessible—not represented as something distant, unwelcoming. It works great as it is and it’s nice to see the notes and emotions unfold around you as the track progresses.


Joes Guitar
Artist: Joe Amir

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