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by Joe Amir

Guitarist Joe Amir’s latest cover, ‘Thunderstruck’. It was originally by artist AC/DC. It will be promoted immediately with amazing guitar work. Bright riffs can often distinguish the great from the great. Here we get an instantly recognizable but gently complex one that is unique and integrated to take us to what turns out to be an amazingly explosive and powerful new song.

Joe Amir is a Rock guitar player with over 30 years of experience. He was playing on many stages with original music bands and Cover / Tribute bands. He is clever at Instrumental rock electric guitar solo covers for classic and popular songs, Guitar shreds, and guitar slow melodic emotional solos. He is recording with many artists, Teaching guitar, and recording his own instrumental album “Flying into the sunset” which features progressive rock metal guitar. With solos and techniques, and a few blues melodic emotional ballads, Joe Amir is an #1 award-winning Guitar Player (1994) In the state of Israel where he is originally from. Now he has been living in Los Angeles California Since 1998.

The sound has a beautiful balance of sadness and hope, sinking and hypnosis. By the second half, the whole thing was familiar enough that the listener needed to connect and grasp this powerful guitar music.

Joe Amir gives a flawless presentation of the good vibrational nature of this tune, the excellent guitar riff, which inevitably bends between resting vibrations and builds a sense of intensity as the notes are lifted upwards.

Musical instruments that seem to be significantly more traditional rock than their predecessors have a tremendous climax in weight and melody resolution – complete with solos, power tones, softness and intensity are woven throughout the progression.

Joe Amir competes well in the rock genre, and in this cover, he showed, his passion and commitment as a creative cover. Amazing product organic processing forces you to see the whole thing in a live environment.

Joe amir
Artist: Joe Amir

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