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by Joe Amir

Rock music is a powerful genre of music. Joe Amir is a rock guitarist with over 30 years of experience. He played on various stages with original bands and cover / tribute bands. He has recorded with many artists, taught guitar, and released his own music album, “Flying to the Sunset”, which includes progressive rock metal guitars. Joe Amir is the # 1 award-winning guitarist from the state of Israel where he was born (1994). He has lived in Los Angeles, California since 1998.

“Titanium” is his latest guitar cover. He plays the guitar cleverly. Also, he skillfully covers both the vocal and musical parts of his guitar to amaze his listeners. The production, performance, this person has a chemical balance of desire and precision that allows them to combine natural warmth and uplifting energy.

In short, it’s a brilliant cover, complete with rock guitar melodies and a full-throttle organic rock metal setting, to a crisp and contemporary standard. Use your headphones to feel more about rock guitar riffs. you will feel it. He has covered music and vocals skillfully.

It starts out very soft and gradually intensifies. it’s expanding the coverage and expression it seeks to create with the listener. “Joe Amir” is the talent behind this modern classic. His creative mind and focus on every little detail and note to make this a symphony is truly fascinating and magical. The joy here is that the influence of his powerful abilities is more pleasing to our ears and to our souls. so,if you’re a rock music lover or rock guitar lover, listen to Joe Amir’s cover songs. you will be surprised.

Joe Amir...
Artist: Joe Amir

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