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Too Dark

by Silly Boi in Your Dreams
Too Dark

Silly Boi in Your Dreams is a talented and upcoming artist who has a great passion for Hip hop, Rap, R&B & Trap styles of music. His newly released “Too Dark”, which is a two minute and eleven seconds music video is served for the listeners who are interested in Hip hop, Rap, R&B & Trap.
The song initiates with a good strum of beats which is neither fast, nor slow, blended with a perfect tune. The beat is really significant because it poses an energetic vibe among the listeners. Thus, we can say that this good piece of work is better for a dancing vibe. The musical instruments used also contribute immensely to make this production captivating. The stream of music made by the instruments, while blending with the strum of beats makes “Too Dark” to be obsessed by the hip hop lovers.

The vocals of the singer are amazing. Thus, the voice of the singer is in tune with the hip hop and trap music. He balances the voice throughout the song in a quite perfect manner. The rap is produced in a way in which every word uttered by him, is flawlessly generated without any single error. It is even super amazing to listen to a rap which is produced without intervals. The lyrics are also meaningful and interesting. Selection of simple wordings adds more color to the song as they are comprehensible by anyone who is listening. Thus, it allows everyone to absorb the beauty and the standards of the song. Moreover, visuals in the video is a feature that should be highly admired. The actions performed are in line with the beat and the style of the song. Further, video editing is great as they are congruous with the Hip hop, Rap, R&B & Trap music fields.

As a matter of fact, it is undoubtable that “Too Dark” is one of the best releases by ‘Silly Boi in Your Dreams’. So, listen to it NOW!

Andromeda and A.I.
Artist: Silly Boi in Your Dreams

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